Paris web design

This is the only web service website you’ll ever need. At MediaDrive, you have all your design & designing solutions – we do everything to build your website. From Logo designing to site plannification – we are your single stop destination. And you get a cheap rate with quality work. At last, a stop to aimless roaming thro’ net – spending time and energy.

Welcome to the world of MediaDrive.

If you are in Paris and non-French, you are getting an English speaking service – a relief for those who know how frustrating it is to be in France without knowing fluent French. If not, you are getting a service from – a company established in one of the most well known cities of this world – Paris. That, in itself, guarantees the quality and your security in dealing with us.

Web design

  • Site vitrine – 15 pages – 29 € ex. VAT / month.
  • Site vitrine plus – unlimited pages – 49 € ex. VAT / month.
  • Non commercial website – special price.
  • E – commerce website – to help you establish your business in the internet.


  • Optimize your website for search engines, to push yourself towards the top of rankings.
  • White hat and hand submitted SEO.
  • Maximise your chance to find yourself towards the first pages of Google.
  • Period ranking report – keep an eye on the trend on your visitors.


  • Website design.
  • Domain name.
  • Hosting.
  • SEO : Search engline optimization.
  • Optimizing your website for the search engines.
  • Intensif marketing.
  • Profit sharing : you pay if you earn.

Website revamp

You have a website already ? Not satisfied with the result and thnk you should have more clients through your website ? Probably all what you need to change this is revisiting the architecture of your website and a cleaner redesign ? Let’s work on this together – contact us.

Sub contract

You are an webagency who wants to manage your projects more intellegintly ? Sub contract a part of your project to us and get rid of the tough taxes that you would need to give to an employee and associated labour law challenges. Let’s discuss to see which part can be externalised without decreasing your production efficiency.


This is a new section with articles on web design and related fields. You get interesting information on web related fields as articles, and you can submit yours if you desire so. The block is in French for the moment – happy reading. Read more …